02/20/20 16:03
JCC called on residents of the Security Zone to surrender weapons and ammunition voluntarily The governing body of the peacekeeping operation reminds that voluntarily weapons surrender exempted from criminal liability
02/20/20 15:56
The parties to the Joint Control Commission undertook to coordinate their actions to prevent the escalation of the situation in the Safety Zone
02/18/20 11:48
Pridnestrovie also hopes that international partners will not allow Chisinau to break the negotiating mechanism
02/06/20 19:20
Since the beginning of 2019 representatives of Moldova have disrupted more than 850 visits
01/23/20 18:59
Pridnestrovian delegation urges the RM representatives to provide explanations on this incident
12/06/19 10:53
The position was occupied by the Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Tikhonov
11/28/19 17:22
Oleg Belyakov: Military personnel often do not have an elementary opportunity to heat food. The room is in a terrible condition
11/28/19 15:59
The last test on the readiness of the JPF was carried out in April 2013
11/14/19 16:51
The governing body of the peacekeeping operation approved Andrei Gorobtsov, Adviser to the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Moldova
10/31/19 17:26
Representatives of Tiraspol in the JCC proposed to strengthen control over the situation through the institution of military observers
10/24/19 19:02
Maneuvers were held from September 16 to 20 with the participation of more than 1000 troops from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the USA
10/10/19 18:18
This incident was discussed at today's meeting of the peacekeeping operation governing body
10/07/19 20:38
Moldova representative`s absurd ambitions block the military observers’ work
09/12/19 17:24
The parties of the JCC cannot compromise on a boundary post work near the village Pohrebea for more than 4 months