JCC disused the issue of Pridnestrovie’s citizen kidnapping in Moldova

01/23/20 18:59

JCC disused the issue of Pridnestrovie’s citizen kidnapping in Moldova

Pridnestrovian delegation urges the RM representatives to provide explanations on this incident

Tiraspol, January 23. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Pridnestrovian delegation in the Joint Control Commission (JCC) during the meeting of the governing body of the peacekeeping operation raised the issue of kidnapping on the territory of Moldova of former law enforcement officer of the PMR Andrei Samony.

“We addressed to the Moldovan side to explain the position. We really hope that the representatives of the RM will provide the necessary information, relevant documents and materials,” Oleg Belyakov, Co-Chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie said.

He added that the incident caused real concern in Tiraspol.

“These are absolutely illegal actions, and we have to deal with it,” Oleg Belyakov noted.

On January 21, it became known that Andrei Samony, a former law enforcement officer of the PMR, had been abducted in Moldova. His wife had reported about the disappearance of the husband on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the woman, on January 14, 2020, she and her husband went to the village of Senatovka in Moldova. Three unknown men approached them and informed Andrei Samony that he was allegedly a witness in a criminal case. Then the citizen of Pridnestrovie was taken to an unknown destination.

The PMR MFA and Pridnestrovian Ombudsman Vyacheslav Kosinsky approached the representatives of Moldova.

On January 22, the Moldovan media reported that Andrei Samony had been held in prison in Beltsy since January 14. It is noted that the court of the RM issued a warrant for his 30 days arrest.


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