The Joint Control Commission of Pridnestrovie have made an announcement due to Moldova’s misrepresentation of information about events in the Security Zone

10/22/20 18:48

The Joint Control Commission of Pridnestrovie have made an announcement due to Moldova’s misrepresentation of information about events in the Security Zone

Representatives of Tiraspol have paid attention to the true facts, relevant to the violation of human rights

Tiraspol, October 22. /Novosti Pridnestrovia/. During the regular meeting of the Joint Control Commission (JCC), the Pridnestrovian delegation issued a statement. The text of the statement reads as follows:

“In the context of the Moldovan delegation statement, that distorts reality, the Pridnestrovian delegation considers it appropriate to pay attention to the true facts, relevant to the violation of human rights.

On January 14, 2020, resident of the village Senatovka, Andrey Nikolaevich Samoniy was lured into the territory of the Republic of Moldova and arrested. A criminal case against him was initiated against him, which was completely fabricated with the direct participation of the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova, and was intended to provoke tensions in relations between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova.

Despite the appeals of Pridnestrovie, on August, 5, 2020, A.N. Samoniy under verdict of the court of Beltsy, was imprisoned in the prison facility for 15 years. The consideration of the case took place with serious procedural violations, ignoring statements of witnesses and was based on false accusations, which were rigged by a group, led by an employee of the Floresti territorial subdivision of the Information and Security Service of Moldova A. Moraru, that also included A.M. Amarfi.

Group participants knew that the senior lieutenant of police A.N Samoniy, being the operational duty officer of the Kamensky District Department of Internal Affairs, had nothing to do with the investigated case. However, in order to realize their criminal intent, they falsified documents, that formed the basis of evidence of A.N Samoniy’s alleged guilt.

These facts are clear evidence of the blatant violation by the law enforcement agencies in Moldova of the legislation, which remain in force not only in Pridnestrovie, but also in the RM. As a result, the natural human right for freedom, enshrined in the constitutions of both sides, was restricted.

As part of the investigation of this crime, the law enforcement agencies of Pridnestrovie, a citizen A. Amarfi, who directly took part in the above-mentioned falsifications was arrested. In view of the lack of competence of the JCC in criminal investigations, it should be emphasized, that arrest of A. Amarfi took place on the Pridnestrovian territory. The same can’t be said for dozens of Pridnestrovian citizens, including a representative of the leadership of the military contingent of the peacekeeping forces in PMR, abducted during the peacekeeping operation by the security agencies of the RM and secretly removed from the Pridnestrovian part of the Security Zone to the territory of Moldova. At the same time, the Moldovan delegation never agreed that these glaring facts are a gross violation of regime in the Security Zone.

Until the present, there have been a practice in Moldova of initiating criminal cases against certain Pridnestrovian state functionaries (police officers, judges, heads of local authorities, etc.), including those performing their duties in the Security Zone. The solution to this problem is not visible, that, however, does not prevent the distribution of hypocritical accusations in the statements of the RM delegation to the JCC.

Meanwhile, the practice of initiating criminal cases against Pridnestrovian officials was actually recommended in the statement of the General Prosecutor of RM K. Gurin, which was published in the local mass media on February 18, 2014. This statement directly announced the intention of the Moldovan side to apply restrictive measures against representatives of the Pridnestrovian authorities, as a result of the institution of criminal prosecution against them in Moldova, including the use of arrest in absentia and issue a wanted notice, including international.

With this statement, the General Prosecutor of RM initiated a widespread criminal prosecution of officials of Pridnestrovie, including in the Security Zone, on the grounds the execution of their official duties, in accordance with the existing Pridnestrovian legislation.

It is noteworthy, that this process has not yet caused any critical reaction from the Moldovan segment of the peacekeeping operation. Apparently, the members of the Moldovan delegation of the Joint Control Commission don’t see the facts of “abusing core documents of the peacekeeping operation and decision-making within the JCC, as well as fundamental human rights.”

And how now understand the verdict of the statement, that the delegation of the RM to the JCC categorically condemns the abduction of citizens in the Security Zone? Indeed, the statement doesn’t contain any assessments of the actions of the Moldovan special services. However, it was announced that the RM delegation to the JCC considers the actions of the Pridnestrovian representatives of special services as another provocation of a destabilizing consequences in the Security Zone.

The problem with the detention of the chief officer of the Floresht police inspectorate, Andrei Amarfi doesn’t currently arise, since he is under travel restriction. In this regard, we would like to know, when problems with arrests and convictions, on obviously politicized charges of numerous Pridnestrovian citizens, will be resolved.

We urge our Moldovan colleagues to be more careful with categorical positions of the situation in the Security Zone. Pridnestrovie is interested in peace and maintaining the current format of the peacekeeping operation. None of actions, taken by it, doesn’t lead to destabilization.

Also, it was surprising, that in the statement of the Republic of Moldova, that took place on October 7, 2020 is linked to the anti-epidemiological measures, which are used in Pridnestrovie within the framework of the fight against coronavirus infection. The Moldovan delegation to the JCC approve in writing, that these measures were taken under a “false pretenses” to combat the pandemic. Such reports, in conditions, when tens and hundreds of people are killed cause a lot of misunderstanding.

The Pridnestrovian delegation appeals to all the Joint Control Commission participants with a request to take measures to return the peacekeeping operation to the frameworks of the 1992 agreement and to prevent the politicization of the peacekeeping operation and turn it into an arena of political disputes. "



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