11/16/17 20:47
The commission adopted the fundamental points in the implementation of a protocol decision signed by the chief negotiators of the PMR and Moldova.   A number of issues, including the infrastructure of law enforcement posts, are yet to be discussed
10/19/17 14:00
The goal is to check their readiness for the autumn and winter period
07/26/17 13:44
Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University hosts an international conference "The peacekeeping operation on the Dniester: 25 years of stability and security"
06/29/17 15:28
The death of a peacekeeper is under investigation
06/29/17 15:27
This is due to the completion of the acting Russian co-chair's mission and the expulsion of three Russian JCC members from Moldova
06/08/17 16:35
This is due to the expulsion by the Moldovan authorities of Russian diplomats involved in the peacekeeping operation
06/06/17 22:05
According to the Russian foreign minister, the five Russian diplomats expelled from Moldova were members of the Joint Control Commission
06/02/17 11:02
According to the member of the Pridnestrovian delegation, Vasily Vakarchuk, recent developments in Moldova signal there is a task to shatter and unbalance the JCC's work
05/31/17 14:36
Four diplomats on the deportation list are acting members of the Joint Control Commission. According to experts, this may endanger the JCC's work
04/27/17 16:36
The governing body of the peacekeeping operation hopes that the proposed measures will "significantly reduce the illicit trafficking of these dangerous items in the Security Zone and thereby contribute to greater stability and mutual confidence between the sides"
04/06/17 15:53
Such an opinion was voiced by JСС co-chair Oleg Belyakov on the First Pridnestrovian TV channel