12/01/20 13:44
The Co-Chairman of the Joint Control Commission stressed that the Russian peacekeeping mission in Pridnestrovie was considered to be one of the most successful in history
11/13/20 11:27
JCC Co-Chairman from Pridnestrovie commented on the entry of Russian peacekeepers into the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone
11/01/20 10:57
On the day of voting at the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, incidents were documented at selected locations of the Security Zone
10/31/20 16:54
Combatants protested against the participation of Pridnestrovian residents, who have Moldovan citizenship in the presidential elections in the neighboring country
10/29/20 14:57
According to the Co-Chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie, if the situation in the Security Zone aggravates during the elections in Moldova, the peacekeepers will have to react to this
10/22/20 18:48
Representatives of Tiraspol have paid attention to the true facts, relevant to the violation of human rights