02/08/19 10:43
Moldovan delegation in the JCC is concerned by a non-existent posts
02/07/19 16:23
Representatives of Tiraspol urged the Moldavian party to refrain from the actions capable to destabilize the situation
02/06/19 18:41
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR stated that Pridnestrovie is intended to solve practical social humanitarian issues for the good of people by negotiating
01/24/19 16:23
The governing body of the peacekeeping operation distributed the corresponding address
01/17/19 15:58
The governing body of the peacekeeping operation will appeal to hand over weapon and ammunition voluntarily
01/10/19 17:08
What did they talk about at this year first meeting
12/20/18 17:20
Vitaly Morozov was replaced by Colonel Sergey Safronov in this position
12/06/18 16:37
The Pridnestrovian side has been insisting on replacing the outdated terminal for a long time
11/29/18 17:46
About 20 reports on a situation in the Safety zone are still not signed by representatives of RM
11/22/18 17:59
Members of the Joint Control Commission estimated readiness of objects and military for service in winter period.
11/15/18 17:44
During the meeting of the peacekeeping operation governing body, it was possible to reach consensus on a number of problematic issues