04/15/21 14:50
Currently, according to the head of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the Joint Control Commission, 13 cases of abduction have been recorded, numbers of the PMR citizens were managed to return
04/08/21 16:28
The session of the JCC was held in the format of a meeting due to the absence of the Moldovan delegation
04/01/21 18:27
Tiraspol representatives in Joint Control Commission distributed a response to the Moldovan side notification
03/19/21 13:43
Military observers from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Moldova, military commandants of the Northern and Central sections of the Security Zone were also approved
02/11/21 17:24
Moldova’s delegation continues to block Joint Control Commission work
01/28/21 16:55
The JMC reports reviewing is continuing to be blocked by the Moldovan side
01/14/21 19:41
The Moldovan delegation continues to block the signing of reports on the situation in the Security Zone
12/28/20 11:23
The Сo-chairman of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) in an interview with Novosti Pridnestrovya news agency summarized the results of peacekeeping activities in the expiring year
12/17/20 17:25
The next meeting of the Joint Control Commission did not conclude with the signing of the final protocol