The Joint Control Commission approved an action plan for the Joint Peacekeeping Forces

04/15/21 18:01

The Joint Control Commission approved an action plan for the Joint Peacekeeping Forces

During the meeting, representatives of Tiraspol demanded an explanation from the Moldovan delegation for PMR citizens’ abduction by the Moldovan police

Bendery, April 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Today the Joint Control Commission (JCC) after a short break gathered at full strength and held a full-scale meeting. Previously discussions were held in the format of meetings due to the absence of the Republic of Moldova representatives. The organizational issues were discussed by parties. In particular, military observers from the Russian Federation were approved in their posts as well as new experts from Moldova and Pridnestrovie were added to delegations.

The weekly report on the situation in the Security Zone was received and taken into account. The situation was recognized as stable and controllable. Working on more than 20 documents of the Joint Military Command is continuing.

The JCC approved an implementation plan for the Joint Peacekeeping Forces for the year of 2021. The document includes plans for peacekeepers enhancing education, operational readiness inspection and group activities of high-speed response, the military observers’ working and much more.

They also considered information about the weapons and ammunition seizure in the Security Zone as well as the peacekeeping forces posts readiness to serve in the spring and summer period.

“The Joint Control Commission managed to execute a large volume of work. We expect that in the future the all peacekeeping mechanisms activity will be fully reestablished, the activity of working groups will be resumed,” Oleg Belyakov, the co-chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie noted.

Moreover, the Pridnestrovian delegation raised the issue of the PMR citizen’s abduction by Moldovan law enforcement officers, within the framework of the meeting. Tiraspol representatives demanded clarification on this issue.

 “On this issue, we are simply obliged to come to an agreement and find the connecting points. Otherwise it will lead to deterioration on the situation in the Security Zone,” Oleg Belyakov added.


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