12/20/21 15:19
The Wargonzo project author Semyon Pegov reported on the German Special Forces exercises and the British Special Air Service in the Security Zone
12/16/21 20:05
Several incidents have occurred in the Security Zone
12/09/21 18:45
JCC reminds of the need to coordinate any relocations and exercises
11/05/21 19:19
Most often, residents of the republic receive them from Russia, Israel and Germany
09/16/21 18:54
According to Oleg Belyakov, this work should be continued
09/10/21 11:06
Joint Control Commission meeting was disrupted again
07/29/21 10:50
Interview with the co-chairman of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) from Pridnestrovie Oleg Belyakov
06/25/21 18:05
It was supposed to discuss the recent provocations on the part of unionists
06/24/21 16:17
Moldovan nationalists` provocation on the border with Pridnestrovie was discussed in the JCC
06/17/21 20:15
At the moment the incident is being investigated
04/15/21 18:01
During the meeting, representatives of Tiraspol demanded an explanation from the Moldovan delegation for PMR citizens’ abduction by the Moldovan police