Moldova blocks signing of military command reports

02/08/18 17:55

Moldova blocks signing of military command reports

The chief military commander representing Moldova has not signed 11 reports on the situation in the Security Zone over the past year
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Bendery, February 8. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Moldova is blocking the signing of reports of the Joint Military Command (JMC).
 Over the past year alone the chief military commander from Moldova has refused to sign 11 reports on the situation in the Security Zone, Oleg Belyakov, JCC co-chair from Pridnestrovie, said in an interview with journalists after a meeting of the governing body of the peacekeeping operation.

He emphasized that there were regulatory documents, in particular,  Protocol 614, in compliance with which military reports must be signed, no matter how "problematic" they are.  

"11 reports means 11 weeks, which actually did not fall within the JCC's view. What events took place during this period? Maybe, the seizure of weapons and ammunition? This information has not been brought to the commission. We consider this to be a gross violation, and the Pridnestrovian delegation tried to raise the issue today," said the co-chair.

"We hope that these negative aspects will be eliminated within the framework of the JMC, the reports will be presented, and we will be able to assess everything that has been happening in the Security Zone," added Oleg Belyakov.

Also today, the JCC has failed to make a decision on the activities and infrastructure of peacekeepers on the Bychok-Gura-Bicului bridge.

"We see that the Moldovan side is not ready to negotiate today, is not ready to solve practical issues related to improving the infrastructure in the bridge area. The permissible tonnage of vehicles has been changed, and certain technical decisions should be made by the JCC, " said Belyakov.

He explained that the Moldovan side linked the resolution of the issue with the establishment of law enforcement posts, and also proposed to change the format of control activities on the bridge.  

"It was suggested [by the Moldovan representatives] to monitor the situation on this site not by military observers but by representatives of the OSCE mission, Ukraine and Russia. Our format is clearly defined, and all monitoring activities are carried out by the military observers of four sides. For Pridnestrovie, changing the format of the peacekeeping operation is unacceptable today," Belyakov concluded.


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