New military commander was appointed in Bendery

12/06/19 10:53

New military commander was appointed in Bendery

The position was occupied by the Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Tikhonov

Bendery, December 6. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Joint Control Commission conducted a rotation of the military commandant of the district with an increased security regime (the city of Bendery). Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense Sergey Tikhonov had been appointed to the post.

It should be noted that the next meeting of the governing body of the peacekeeping operation ended late evening of the previous day. The parties were able to approve the JMC current report on the situation in the Security Zone and sign the final protocol.

Recall that, the Security Zone was formed in accordance with the decisions of the JCC in 1992; Dubossary was declared a District with a special security regime, Bendery - a district with a high security regime. In these areas, the institute of military commandants operates as part of the implementation of peacekeeping processes.


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