06/15/23 10:24
According to the Forecast of socio-economic development for the near future, the economy will show a slightly positive trend next year
01/18/23 11:54
By the end of the year, price growth slowed somewhat
01/17/23 10:30
This is due to the difficulties in the work of MMP and the gas crisis
12/27/22 16:54
Pridnestrovie will be supplied with gas in January, yet it still needs to be saved
12/26/22 15:26
At the same time, Alexander Rozenberg did not rule out the possibility of revising consumption standards
12/19/22 12:24
The pricing policy was commented on by the PMR President
12/07/22 20:01
The Russian Federation President commented on the situation with gas in the PMR
12/03/22 18:07
MGRES and Energocom signed an agreement for the supply of electricity