Vadim Krasnoselsky listened to the reporting information on the results of the activities of the Ministry of Finance

03/24/23 13:24

Vadim Krasnoselsky listened to the reporting information on the results of the activities of the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance held a reporting meeting on the results of work in 2022. The event was held in the form of videoconference. The heads of state power and administration, public organizations were invited to discuss the results of the department's activities. The President gave an assessment of the work of the Ministry of Finance.

The PMR Minister of Finance Alyona Ruskevich delivered a detailed report. She focused on the budget process in difficult foreign policy and foreign economic environment – specific situation in neighboring countries, changes in logistics, reduction in export-import operations, energy crisis and the suspension of enterprises as a result. The speaker recalled the measures aimed at leveling the risks and negative consequences of various restrictions. Alena Ruskevich singled out the two most difficult time periods of 2022 – March-August and October-December. She spoke about the adjustment of budget indicators, the need for which was caused by changing realities and unpredictable circumstances. Shortfalls in the republican treasury amounted to 138 million rubles, expenses were reduced by 240 million. Municipal budgets overfulfilled their income plans by 53 million rubles at the same time. It was possible at the beginning of 2023 to form reserves with a total amount of over 453 million rubles. It is noted that social obligations were fulfilled by the state in a timely manner and in full. The number of citizens who received medical care outside the republic at the expense of the state budget and the amount of funding increased (+15.6 million). Payments to blood donors began (total amount of 1.8 million rubles) in the reporting period. The same amount was allocated for the implementation of the "Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases" state program. 8.4 million were spent on the purchase of 39 apartments for orphans. Support was provided to 79 young families in the acquisition of housing (7.3 million rubles were allocated). Payments of guaranteed savings on deposits and insurance premiums exceeded 19 million rubles. State spending on development programs exceeded half a billion rubles. 127 facilities were covered by repair and construction work under the Capital Investment Fund 2022. Financing of such areas as subsidizing on preferential loans for investment purposes (+5.5 million), the Road Fund (+39.7 million), and the development of the reclamation complex (+11.6 million), subsidizing milk suppliers (+1.6 million).

The Minister spoke about the activities of the financial and budgetary control service, outlining the problematic aspects of applying the existing norms in practice and talking about the work being done to improve the mechanisms. She spoke about the work on the draft Budget Code of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, emphasizing that the document needs to be improved. Part of the report devoted to the tax service. According to Alena Ruskevich, the number of legal entities decreased and amounted to 10534 organizations by the end of 2022, while the number of individual entrepreneurs increased to 70181. Tax control is one of the main activities of the department. 1817 inspections were carried out in 2022. The total amount of additional taxes and other mandatory payments, as well as fines, amounted to 273 million rubles (three times more than in 2021). The speaker focused on the tax reform carried out in the field of individual entrepreneurship. She spoke about the improvement of tax legislation in other areas. She stopped at the progress in the field of informatization and automation. She informed about interagency cooperation, work with citizens and public organizations. She spoke about the staffing issues. There are difficulties here. The number of dismissed employees exceeds the number of employees hired by the structural subdivisions of the ministry. 13.6% of vacancies from the planned staff of the department are free at the moment. The largest staff gap in the department of tax control and analytics: 29 positions available.

Infrastructural innovations were mentioned by the Minister. Funds were allocated to clean up the administrative building of the Ministry of Finance. Bendery tax authorities moved to a new building. Furniture and office equipment was updated.

The Minister in the discussion part of the reporting event was addressed with questions related to the work done and plans for the future. The leaders of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, the Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie, the Prosecutor's Office of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic voiced their assessments and recommendations.

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the fact that Government agencies in general and the Ministry of Finance in particular should be aware that if the period is difficult, then it is such for everyone. The President aimed not to chase after indicators in terms of tax revenues, but to correctly assess the situation in which taxpayers find themselves. Another important point, according to the head of the country, is that the degree of responsibility of an entrepreneur who has committed a particular offense is determined by the presence of intent and consistency. Mistakes must be identified and helped to prevent them, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized. The President focused on the topic of the updated legislation in the field of individual entrepreneurship, noting that time will show the effectiveness of the new norms. Six months are needed at least for analysis and evaluation, the PMR President considers. The practice will be summarized by autumn, if necessary, based on the conclusions drawn, amendments will be made to the legislation.

Summing up, the President said that in general he was satisfied with the work of the Ministry of Finance, expressed gratitude to the staff of the department and set tasks at further productive activities, taking into account all the comments, recommendations and proposals voiced during the meeting.


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