The energy sector changes were discussed in the course of the meeting under the President

12/05/22 11:21

The energy sector changes were discussed in the course of the meeting under the President

The state of affairs in the energy sector was discussed in the course of the meeting under the President. The main topic is the agreement reached on increasing the volume of natural gas supplies to Pridnestrovie and the resumption of electricity exports to Moldova.

Minister of Economic Development of the PMR Sergey Obolonik informed that thanks to strict energy saving measures, November ended with a minimum deviation of 120000 cubic meters of gas from the consumption rate established under existing conditions. This is more than a positive result for winter time, the Deputy Prime Minister considers. Sergei Obolonik recalled that Moldovagaz allocated natural gas to Pridnestrovie in December at the rate of 2.3 million cubic meters per day. At the same time, the real consumption of gas by the population reached three million cubic meters daily, taking into account the cooling.

The contract, according to which the entire volume of gas supplied from Gazprom PJSC will be sent to Pridnestrovie - 5.7 million cubic meters per day, while the Moldavskaya GRES will resume electricity generation for the needs of Moldavian consumers was signed between the GRES of Dnestrovsk and the Energocom Moldavian enterprise on the 3rd of December. The established export cost of electricity is 73 USD per megawatt. The fulfillment of contractual obligations began without delay. The day before, the first power unit of MGRES was loaded to 100%, today at five in the morning the second one was launched, tomorrow the third one will be put into operation. Until the end of December, three blocks of the station will operate. Loading will prevent systemic fluctuations and threats that the energy system of the region faced in November. Monthly gas consumption will increase to 104 million cubic meters (in November, the republic was forced to limit itself to 69 million). Republican austerity measures are being lifted. Round-the-clock hot water supply, street lighting, electric transport are returning. The activities of economic entities will return to their previous course. Such energy-intensive enterprises as the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant and the Cement Plant of Rybnitsa are starting to work with a minimum load so far in order to prevent the failure of the power supply system of the plants, further – according to the circumstances. It was noted in the course of the meeting that they expect to bring the level of production at them to 30% of capacity. It will be necessary for this to approach the use of natural gas by society as a whole with maximum diligence.

As for the state of emergency extended until the end of the year, its cancellation was not discussed today. Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the adoption of such a decision should be preceded by a detailed study of the issue.

The meeting participants discussed issues related to heat supply. The heads of state administrations indicated that the temperature in the classrooms was uncomfortable in a number of educational institutions last week, there are cases when school classes had to be transferred to distance learning. This issue will be closed with the solution of the problem in the energy sector as a whole. It was decided to increase heat supply in residential buildings, taking into consideration the cold outside. In the thermal power system, the temperature was kept at 57 degrees. The indicator will increase by about 10 degrees by prior agreement. In the event of a warming forecast by weather forecasters, the level will be lowered again. It was noted at the meeting that rapid response to changes will ensure rational savings.

Summing up the results of the working discussion, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted the complexity of the work that preceded the conclusion of a contract significant for the country. The President emphasized that this agreement is purely economic in nature – without any political component. The contract is mutually beneficial, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. The PMR President called the uninterrupted operation of the Moldavian GRES a guarantee of the stability of the energy system of the entire region.


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