The President is on a working visit to Slobodzeya district

06/29/23 12:53

The President is on a working visit to Slobodzeya district

The working day of the PMR President began in Slobodzeya district. The President met with the head of the local state administration. The current state of affairs was discussed. Particular attention was paid to the agriculture of the region. The agricultural sector is the basis of Slobodzeya economy. Agricultural land occupies 71675 hectares of land: 65084 hectares are arable land, almost five thousand hectares are perennial plantations, and 1603 hectares are pastures. 39306 hectares were sown with winter crops for this year's harvest, 26748 hectares with spring crops, and 1224 hectares with vegetable crops. Vasily Tishchenko recalled that the district he heads annually collects about hundreds of thousands of tons of grain of the first group and occupies a leading position in the republic in growing vegetables. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about progress in the development of the reclamation complex. According to the head of the district, the area of irrigated land has been quadrupled and amounts to 12532 hectares in five years. Irrigated lands owned by 75 land users. 10.5 million rubles have been allocated for the construction of pressure pipelines of the head pumping station in the village of Chobruchi for three years (including the current one). The President was told that the intensity of involvement of new agricultural firms and their cultivated land in the land reclamation system is not decreasing. For example, sprinklers were purchased that will serve 1100 hectares of land in the village of Korotkoe. Internal networks were laid in this area. Local pumping equipment was purchased. The irrigation system is being actively developed in the floodplain zones of the villages of Korotnoe and Glinoe.

Vadim Krasnoselsky decided to visit the head pumping station in Chobruchi village. The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Oleg Diligul, who participated in the presidential inspection, said that a three-kilometer water supply line (pipeline diameter 1200 mm) was restored here last year.

They are implementing the second stage of reconstruction – they are updating the right branch in the direction of Korotnoe-Glinoe. The goal is to cover 5000 hectares of land with the help of this station in the future. This is the design capacity of the Chobruchi head pumping station. The meeting participants discussed the state of affairs at other pumping stations, the restoration, modernization and development of which allows increasing the area of irrigated land, reducing the risks of land users and raising the region's economy to a new level.


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