At the end of 2022, inflation in Pridnestrovie amounted to 13.2%

01/18/23 11:54

At the end of 2022, inflation in Pridnestrovie amounted to 13.2%

By the end of the year, price growth slowed somewhat

Tiraspol, January 18. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. In December, the inflation rate in Pridnestrovie amounted to 0.1%, while since the beginning of the year, according to the State Statistics Service of the PMR, it has reached 13.2%. A noticeable inflation surge occurred in March-June in the republic. After that, the situation with rising prices somewhat stabilized. 

As before, the largest contribution to annual inflation was made by the rise in food prices. In general, it amounted to more than 21%. Non-food products last year rose in price by less - than 10%, while services rose in price by 4.5%.

In December, food prices did not change much (except for some traditional New Year's Eve increases). In the non-food sector, prices rose slightly: synthetic detergents, electrical goods, and printed products. Medicines continued to gradually increase in price. In the services sector, according to the State Statistics Service, shoe repair has risen in price by almost 11%, while repair and maintenance of cars have risen by 4%.

As the analysis shows, last year there were serious fluctuations in prices for certain types of goods in the republic - primarily food. Chicken eggs were the record holder here, the cost of which grew explosively in July-August and October-November and slightly decreased in June and September. Thus, eggs rose in price by 35% at once in July, in November - by almost 30%. 

The price of gasoline grew: the peaks of the increase occurred in March-June. The price of liquefied gas, as well as soap (both laundry and toilet), matches, and household chemicals, went up quite significantly in Pridnestrovie last year.

At the same time, in the global economy, by the end of the year, a trend toward a slowdown in inflationary processes emerged. It also affected Pridnestrovie: the December inflation rate was the lowest for the republic over the past four months.

It should be noted that in neighboring Moldova, annual inflation exceeded 30%, and this is a record for the last two decades. Such a high figure in the Republic of Moldova is primarily due to a sharp increase in tariffs for energy carriers and utilities.

Recall that at the end of 2021, the inflation rate in Pridnestrovie was 7.4%, and in Moldova - 14%.


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