06/21/21 18:36
Russia occupies a central place in the structure of both incoming and outgoing remittances
06/21/21 17:57
Since the beginning of the year, the export of goods has increased by 37.8%
06/09/21 11:52
Manufacturing of products on the territory of the PMR is planned to begin in July this year
06/04/21 19:35
A new agreement with Link-Product company will open up additional opportunities for promoting products on the Russian market
05/25/21 18:43
Growth was shown not only by traditional metallurgy and electrical energy industry, but also by other industries
05/25/21 16:43
The travel agency shared all details
05/18/21 11:49
The requirement of three years’ experience was excluded
05/16/21 21:30
This week the Pridnestrovian delegation held a number of important meetings in the Russian capital
05/12/21 20:46
The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation highly appreciated the PMR Government activities