Sergey Obolonik: The republic is on the humanitarian crisis brink

11/02/22 18:57

Sergey Obolonik: The republic is on the humanitarian crisis brink

According to the PMR Economic Development Minister, Moldovagaz shifted almost the entire deficit in gas supplies to Pridnestrovie

Tiraspol, November 02 / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Deputy Prime Minister – the Economic Development Minister Sergey Obolonik describes how gas supplies’ reduction to Pridnestrovie will affect the economic and social sector of the republic.

We remind: earlier Moldovagaz reduced the blue fuel supply to Pridnestrovie by 40 percent compared to October. In October, Pridnestrovie already received 30 percent less gas than in the same period last year.

"The indicated volume of gas consumption that is expected to ship in November, unfortunately, is much lower than demands that are needed not only for the Pridnestrovian industry but also for our population and social facilities", - Sergey Obolonik noted.

“In such regard, we, undoubtedly, appeal to Gazprom and other participants. There’s information about this since the republic is on the humanitarian crisis verge…,” the Deputy Prime Minister added.

Energy-saving measures

Sergey Obolonik also shared every saving measure that will be taken in connection with the natural gas shortage. The republic’s main industrial enterprises will be forced to stop. Additionally, to the already stopped Moldavian Metallurgical Plant as well as the Rybnitsa Cement Plant, other large industrial facilities will be also affected by it.

At the same time, enterprises supporting the food security of the republic will continue working.

The public transport schedule will be changed, then trolleybuses will work mainly during peak hours.

A schedule for the hot water supply will also be introduced. According to preliminary information, water will be supplied in the evenings for three hours, the exact time will be announced later. Such a schedule may be revised in the future.

The heating season will be continued

The heating season in Pridnestrovie will be continued. Heating supply will remain in the residential sector, hospitals, kindergartens, and other social institutions. However, to save energy resources, school holidays are supposed to be extended by a week. At the same time, according to Sergey Obolonik, there’s no talk of returning to distance learning for schoolchildren. Perhaps the such issue will be studied later.

In state institutions, it’s planned to introduce a reduced working day. Also, every government agency should reduce electricity and gas consumption by 20 percent. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the current situation will certainly harm the republic’s economy and budget revenues. Nevertheless, the state has a certain financial reserve for social obligations’ fulfillment. As for development programs, each of them will be reduced. Nevertheless, all the contractors’ performances that have already been completed will be paid, Sergey Obolonik emphasized.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, what we possess now is the result of an unprecedented and unjustified reduction in gas supply to Pridnestrovie. In November, with the same gas volume supplied from Gazprom to the Republic of Moldova [as in October], Moldovagaz shifted almost the entire deficit to Pridnestrovie.


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