The President held a meeting on the formation of the Capital Investment Fund for the coming year

09/14/22 21:03

The President held a meeting on the formation of the Capital Investment Fund for the coming year

The meeting under the President on the formation of the Capital Investment Fund 2023 was organized in the format of a videoconference. The list of participants is extended. The heads of public authorities and administration, ministries, departments, parliamentary committees were invited to the conversation. Among the keynote speakers are heads of state administrations. They submitted requests from the population. An important aspect: in the project discussed today, only a small fraction of the needed is indicated. As First Deputy Chairman of the PMR Government Sergey Obolonik noted, the total initial request of state administrations and ministries was estimated at 820 million rubles. When drafting the budget for 2023, 180 million were allocated to finance the capital investment program. After reviewing the main parameters, they came up with an amount of 236 million. Another 20 million is the financing of programs for paving territories and glazing the entrances of residential buildings. These expenses are included in the Capital Investment Fund, 256 million rubles in total. Current adjustments were made to the government project in the course of the meeting. Preference was given to a school or a kindergarten if there was a choice between cultural institutions and educational institutions. Priority was given to transitional facilities, the construction or repair of which has been started but not completed. The Ministry of Health has the most voluminous list of facilities - almost two dozen institutions, including several rural outpatient clinics in terms of departments. Among the educational institutions included in the Capital Investment Fund 2023 are the Pridnestrovian College of Technology and Management, as well as the Moldavian Theoretical Lyceum (Tiraspol). The renovation of the infrastructure of Pridnestrovian State University will continue. The plans for 2023 include putting the building “B” in order. The work at the Olympic Reserve School will be financed, as well as the construction of the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense. At the insistence of the President, the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage will be allocated resources for the reconstruction of the building and equipment of the premises of the Bendery Art College. The Ministry of Social Protection and Labor is planning to allocate funds for the repair and equipping of six institutions. The program included a rehabilitation center for disabled children (the village of Giska), an orphanage in Bendery, a psycho-neurological boarding school of the capital, correctional boarding schools in Tiraspol and Dubossary, as well as an institution for the care of single citizens based on a rural medical outpatient clinic in the village of Doibany.

Attention will also be paid to some administrative buildings, the condition of which requires immediate repair. Among them there are the buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Dubossary prosecutor's office, the district court in Kamenka, the central, divisions of the Investigative Committee in Rybnitsa and Dubossary. The Ministry of State Security and the State Customs Committee will have to upgrade the infrastructure of some checkpoints.

The exclusion of some objects from the list and the inclusion of additional items in the program, the total amount of funding for the state capital investment program will be changed after a detailed discussion of the government project. We are not talking about drastic adjustments. However, it will take time to finalize the project. The PMR President will be provided with the materials he requested during the discussion tomorrow. The calculations should be completed and submitted to the President by the beginning of next week.


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