11/03/20 17:07
О том, как создавалось производство и чем оно живёт сейчас, рассказываем в честь 75-летия предприятия
11/02/20 16:09
According to it, a land reclamation development fund can be created in the republic
10/30/20 18:31
Now the department is developing a mechanism for the transition to modern banking information technologies
10/22/20 15:42
Its strategic purpose is to ensure the republic`s food security
10/22/20 15:32
Prime Minister Alexander Martynov emphasized that a new approach had been applied when defining the state budget
10/21/20 17:09
Innovations take into account the interests of local producers. Also they help to make production process more clear for customs authority
10/20/20 19:10
The director of the enterprise Vadim Levitsky have described the unique project and how the power plant works
10/20/20 19:01
Production declined by 6.4% compared to August
10/20/20 15:35
The ability to withdraw dividends can be restricted for companies applying for the interest rate subsidization program
10/02/20 14:32
The powers of the former head of the enterprise, Alexey Shirma, were terminated due to the expiration of the contract
09/29/20 20:50
Agricultural producers got the assistance because the crop losses due to the adverse weather conditions
07/21/20 20:23
Work on amendments to the republican budget-2020 is in progress