Draft Budget-2021 Adopted in First Reading

12/11/20 18:01

Draft Budget-2021 Adopted in First Reading

The forecast for the national economic development in the next year became the basis for drawing up the country main financial document

Tiraspol, December 11. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Supreme Council adopted the draft republican budget for 2021 in the first reading at today’s plenary session. The work on the main financial document of the country has been carried out for six months, the Government press service reminds.

The Budget-2021 was based on the forecast for the economic development

In drafting the state budget, a new approach was taken. The forecast for the development of the national economy in 2021 became the base. Such a long-range program was developed by the interdepartmental task force in the middle of summer. It was comprised in the financial and economic alliance of the Government, the Supreme Council, the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank, and the State Customs Committee. It was headed by Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development Sergey Obolonik.

According to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, it’s planned to restore the key industrial and agricultural sectors of the republic in the next year. The crisis year of 2020 results will be compensated, if sharp and negative leaps don’t occur. It’s expected, that ferrous metallurgy and electric power industry will show a slight positive trend, more significant trend will be shown by electrical and food industries, mechanical engineering (because the rate of decline in 2020 is worse).

Key parameters of the budget-2021

According to First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Tatyana Kirova, amount of the next year income is expected at 4 billion 713 million rubles, which is 270 million rubles more than this year. As in previous years, the ratio of state expenditures has social character: payments of salaries to state employees, retiring pensions, and amends.

Draftsmen allocated 160 million rubles to raise salaries and retiring pensions. The reserve was formed from specialized budget funds: The Capital Investment Fund, The Road Fund.

In the structure of target funds, besides the already existing ones: The Capital Investment Fund, The Road Fund, The Ecological Fund, The Business Development Fund, new ones will appear. In particular, the Youth Support Fund. This year, due to the pandemic, a project on purchasing apartments for young professionals was suspended. Its’ launch is scheduled for 2021.

The Fund for the Development of Agriculture and Amelioration will be launched from January. It’s planned to support with subsidies milk producers and stockbreeder, who purchase heifers, to restore the irrigation complex of the republic.

Next year, the state will continue to purchase apartments for orphans, finance services for prosthodontics and computer-assisted tomography, treatment of Pridnestrovians abroad, payments on Soviet deposits (focus on citizens, involved in the events of the Great Patriotic War).

“The draft budget for 2021 is fully balanced in terms of income characteristics, according to sources of financing the budget deficit. Thus, all the expenses, that are envisaged are covered by the appropriate source,” the Finance Minister emphasized.

After the reports of the Deputy Prime Ministers Sergey Obolonik and Tatyana Kirova, deputies of the Supreme Council asked them a number of questions.

The Chairman of the Committee for Economic Policy, Budget and Finance Viktor Guzun thanked the deputies and colleagues from the Government for the performed work. He noted, that consultations on the budget for 2021 were active and fruitful.

Victor Guzun announced a number of amendments to the document. They affect to the state treasury’s income and the expenditure side.

State special-purpose programs in the field of health care will continue the action: immunization of the population, prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis. A new state special-purpose program is being introduced. It’s oriented to prevention of hepatitis B and C viruses. Funds are allowed to advanced training of medical professional. The practice of providing primary school pupils with work-books (addendum to textbooks) will continue.

Work on the draft of the country main financial document for 2021 will continue in the second reading.


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