01/31/20 12:31
Ukrainian entrepreneur will develop horticultural activities, while Polish investor will be engaged in the roof bolting production
01/30/20 16:57
The proposed bill facilitates the access of agricultural producers to preferential tax
01/30/20 14:51
This category may be included in the state interest rate subsidy program
01/27/20 17:22
The indicators were pulled down by the iron and steel industry and light industry, the remaining industries showed a cumulative increase of 10.4%
01/23/20 16:05
Representatives of the parties expressed confidence that such cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial
01/23/20 15:55
On January 27, the plant will resume production
01/23/20 11:27
By its 46th anniversary, the company plans to release a collection of textiles from domestic cotton
12/26/19 18:32
The project organizers also shared plans for next year
12/23/19 16:13
The project was approved by the Investment Council under the PMR Government
12/23/19 14:22
President signed amendments to Law on Corporate Income Tax
12/23/19 13:50
At the same time, imports from the Russian Federation grew by more than 15%
12/20/19 15:19
One of the main factors are tax preferences, affordable energy resources and convenient geographical location
12/18/19 17:24
Economic agents no longer need to provide documents that the authorized body can receive as part of interagency cooperation
12/14/19 12:38
According to the Prime Minister Alexander Martynov, growth was provided by a number of industries - electricity, construction, engineering