Meeting, the purpose of which is to determine the sources of paying off the budget deficit, was held at the presidential executive office

07/07/20 14:59

Meeting, the purpose of which is to determine the sources of paying off the budget deficit, was held at the presidential executive office

The President held a meeting on adjusting the state budget. The working meeting was initiated by the Government. Representatives of the Supreme Council are invited to the discussion. It was noted that this year in the pandemic, is very difficult from an economic point of view. Most plans have to be changed according to circumstances. At the moment, they are such that markedly sagging exports led to a reduction in tax revenues to the state treasury. At the same time, unplanned expenses have seriously increased. Additional costs are associated with the fight against coronavirus, as well as support for business and the public during the period of restrictive quarantine measures. The presence of social obligations that the state must fulfill in a timely manner and in full, necessitated the need to adjust the parameters of the main financial document of the country in the middle of the financial year.

Initial government estimates of current year financial losses indicated 416 million lost revenue. Actual recalculation, based on current data showing some recovery dynamics, reduced this amount by more than 90 million rubles. Nevertheless, an unsecured deficit, even after the suspension of a number of programs and the delayed implementation of some projects, remains. Its size is 21 million. In addition, funds are needed to finance flood prevention and mitigation measures. The Government proposes to form a mobilization financial reserve in the amount of 50 million rubles. Today they discussed the sources of deficit and reserve filling. The next year for objective reasons, the construction, repair, reconstruction at a number of facilities included in the capital investment fund program is postponed. It is mainly about those where work has not been started. Accordingly, the funds are not allocated for the technical re-equipment of these facilities. This year, the capital Polyclinic No. 5 and No. 2 in Bendery (the work there is in the final stages), as well as the new Rybnitsa COVID Laboratory, will be equipped without fail. The time-delayed financing of the acquisition of equipment for other institutions will not cause serious damage to the quality of the provision of medical services to the population, the head of the Ministry of Health Kristina Albul assured the meeting participants. You will have to wait a while with the updating of food units in some educational institutions. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky strongly opposed the non-financing of the program for providing social institutions with fire safety systems. Since 2017, on behalf of the President, all new and reconstructed facilities are commissioned only if this important element for the life of people is installed. It is also impossible to leave functioning facilities without fire indication, the President emphasized.

Vadim Krasnoselsky considers improper the untimely settlement with contractors working within the framework of the fund of capital investment program.

The meeting participants discussed each proposal point-by-point. Concluding the discussion, the President called the meeting necessary and fruitful. In general, in his opinion, the Government owns the situation and responds in time to its changes. The President considers valuable the constructive interaction of the executive branch with the legislative, based on the working dialogue and absence of panic. The participants in the meeting called the approach to adjusting the budget conservative without unjustified optimism.


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