02/17/21 18:53
Such measures are taken to credit customs payments directly to the republican budget
02/17/21 18:42
The 7 pumping stations launching will allow increasing the irrigated land area by 2 thousand hectares
02/16/21 17:44
Moreover, in the whole they compiled for 50% of the republican budget actual income
02/15/21 17:28
The company received certificate of compliance with the technical regulation requirements of the Moldova Republic
02/11/21 14:47
He launched line for honey processing and bottling as well as beehives and wooden ware production on canning factory
01/28/21 19:48
At last year end, the ferrous metallurgy and electrical energy industry showed growth. Production in other industries has dropped to 11%
01/24/21 18:27
A German-made roll-turning machine was purchased as part of the plant modernization program
01/16/21 22:19
Everything will depend on the economy development and the pandemic dynamics, the Prime Minister explained
01/16/21 22:11
Alexander Martynov cleared up why the tariff difference covering is an instrument of social policy
01/16/21 21:56
The Prime Minister noted that infrastructure projects would continue
01/12/21 10:20
The supporting is for agrarians whose harvest was affected by drought in 2020
12/16/20 13:24
In October-November, export performance is the best since January 2019