Working meeting under the President

03/14/22 12:42

Working meeting under the President

The issue of ensuring food security in the face of restrictions caused by the events in Ukraine was discussed in the course of the meeting under the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. It was noted that the forced change in logistics significantly increases the length of the delivery route for imported products, which automatically increases its cost. Various options for the delivery of goods are being worked out and tested currently. We can explain the excitement inherent in such situations among the population, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted. The PMR President considers the temporarily imposed restriction on the sale of socially significant goods to one person as appropriate. This tool is effective in conditions when citizens are buying up food in volumes that do not meet the needs of the family on the wave of panic fueled by social networks.

They discussed measures aimed at reducing the export of food products from the republic in the course of the meeting. The Government has already introduced a 100% duty on its export. Law-in-draft is being developed, the norms of which will cover all aspects. For example, it is unacceptable to leave agricultural producers without working capital. You cannot risk agricultural products that have a limited shelf life, or those that require specific storage conditions. It is important to correctly calculate what can and should be processed for use on the domestic market, and what products are more reasonable to sell on the external market, the President emphasized. A special commission has been set up to be responsible for the export of food products in the current circumstances. We already have such experience. Restrictive measures were introduced during the period of drought and pandemic.

The PMR President focused on the topic of pricing. The documents ordering to strengthen control in this sphere were signed last week. The work of inspection bodies has been activated.

The President asked about providing the healthcare system of the republic with medicines. The republic is provided with anti-coronavirus medicines. At one time, purchases were made for at least the first quarter of 2022 at the insistence of the President. According to the Minister of Health, there will be enough until the end of spring - the beginning of summer with the current consumption of stocks. As for other areas, Christina Albul named the need for insulin, oncological medicines and milk formulas for children under the age of one year as burning. Supply options need to be found.

Another significant topic is the rise in prices for fuels and lubricants. The heads of state administrations spoke about the significantly increased expenses of enterprises that collect and export solid domestic waste. The meeting participants consider that now is not the time to talk about increasing tariffs for the population. The shortfall in income will have to be covered by the state to keep enterprises afloat. Instructions were given to calculate the costs.


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