10/12/21 14:13
Vegetables have risen in price by almost one-third in September
09/22/21 12:16
Since the year’s beginning, ferrous metallurgy, electric power as well as food and light industries provided almost 90 per cent of all industrial production
09/21/21 18:45
No price spikes could be expected in autumn
09/20/21 18:23
The volume of Pridnestrovian foreign trade with the EAEU countries is 29% and 30% with the EU countries
09/15/21 19:12
Stations are proposed to be equipped in the Bendery, Slobodzeya, Dubossary and Rybnitsa districts
09/15/21 12:57
An increase in indicators is noted in metallurgy, electricity, mechanical engineering and processing industry
09/14/21 15:13
Its volume exceeded 7.2 billion rubles for 8 months
09/10/21 13:31
Pridnestrovian industry leaders are showing a cautious optimism
09/10/21 13:05
Yet cash will continue to play a significant role in payments in the next 10 years, PRB analysts note
09/08/21 15:50
The department held an online meeting of the Public Advisory Council