The President held a meeting with representatives of the business community of Pridnestrovie

04/19/22 18:00

The President held a meeting with representatives of the business community of Pridnestrovie

Regular meeting of the PMR President with representatives of the public was held in the House of Official Receptions of the Administration of the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Vadim Krasnoselsky communicated this time with entrepreneurs, heads of enterprises and public organizations representing the interests of business community. The Government Chairman, the chairman of the Supreme Council, the minister of economic development, the Head of the republic's foreign ministry, and parliamentarians representing relevant parliamentary committees were invited to the discussion.

The PMR President welcoming the interlocutors noted that he was glad that direct contacts could be resumed after a long period of pandemic restrictions. Vadim Krasnoselsky indicated that there were many questions for discussion. Particularly acute is the problem of export-import restrictions related to the situation in Ukraine, as well as blockade measures by Moldova. The discussion was organized in this regard in two main areas: the state of affairs in Pridnestrovie and the impact on it of events taking place outside the republic, as well as the adoption by the state of measures to support domestic business during the crisis period.

The President in the first part of the conversation informed about the situation in the country, about the course of the negotiation process with Moldova, about the difficulties that the republic is facing in various areas. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic supplemented the President’s speech. Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized that the Moldovan side has been imitating participation in negotiations for several years, in the most difficult circumstances of today, remains faithful to its not the best traditions and makes the already difficult situation for Pridnestrovians more difficult, taking advantage of the moment. The PMR Foreign Minister gave specific examples, recalling the obstruction of the supply to Pridnestrovie of medicines, foodstuffs, products necessary for the efficient conduct of agricultural work and the functioning of industrial enterprises. The participants of the meeting, including the President of the Union of Agrarian Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie Yuri Cheban noted that Moldova violates international legal norms by its actions. The example is an agreement supported by 28 EU member states that stipulates the inadmissibility of bias towards economic agents. Moldova's attitude towards economic entities of Pridnestrovie clearly indicates a violation of this principle. They talked in the course of the meeting about the fact that the non-admission of medicines to the country is a manifestation of genocide, covered up by slogans about supposedly caring for people. Chairman of the Association of Pharmacists of Pridnestrovie Valerian Tulgara noted that in the event of an emergency transition after a 30-year practice of purchasing medicines in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, to a greater extent than from European and Moldovan suppliers, to purchases exclusively from wholesalers of the Republic of Moldova, the cost of pharmaceutical products will increase for the Pridnestrovian consumer by 30-40%.

They focused on the situation with the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant. The metallurgists from Rybnitsa turned out to be hostages of the political games of the neighboring state. Claims and unexpectedly discovered new requirements for record keeping have nothing to do with economics, legal sphere or administration; the matter is exclusively in the political order, the participants of the meeting are sure, and the solution of the problem is only in the plane of political decisions. The company's entry into the foreign market is blocked on far-fetched grounds. The lack of exports and imports forced the plant to stop working. The leadership of the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant announced its readiness at the same time to fulfill all the conditions. It only takes time. At the request of the Moldovan side, multi-year documentation was previously transferred from paper to electronic form. Now there appeared a new idea: to authorize the entire documentary base, bringing it into line with Moldovan legislation. Considering that there are six volumes of documents, this task will take from six months to a year. The factory workers offered to carry out paper work in parallel with the functioning of the enterprise. Moldovan negotiators rotated personnel and simply stopped maintaining dialogue. Director General of the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant Sergey Kornev said that at the moment about three hundred employees of the plant are on vacation, the rest were engaged in work not related to the production of products, but aimed at improving the enterprise and landscaping work areas. The Head of the plant informed that after a large action to collect scrap metal within the republic, the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant has several tons of materials. 

The second part of the discussion event was devoted to measures to support Pridnestrovian business. The PMR Government Chairman Alexander Martynov outlined the essence of the anti-crisis program, listing the main measures. He emphasized that the package was formed by the government in close cooperation with the business community. Several workshops were held. They met with representatives of large, medium and small businesses. A set of measures was agreed with the Union of Industrialists, Agrarians and Entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie and sent to the Supreme Council. They repeatedly returned at the meeting to the fact that the number 1 task today is the preservation of work teams. It was noted that specialized public organizations provide all possible assistance to entrepreneurs. The advisory function is of great importance in the current unstable conditions. Another important aspect that was emphasized is the targeting and objectivity in providing support measures to enterprises and organizations.

After a detailed exchange of information, opinions and proposals, the participants in the conversation agreed to continue consolidated work aimed at preserving production resources, developing the economy, and ensuring food security in Pridnestrovie.


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