02/15/24 18:28
The President stressed that a military conflict in Pridnestrovie could become the beginning of a world war
02/15/24 17:48
About 100 thousand Ukrainian citizens live in the republic, and they need consular services
02/15/24 14:34
The PMR MFA held a board meeting on the results of work in 2023
01/24/24 17:26
Health experts were unable to agree on this issue today
01/23/24 17:38
Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized that this is a gross violation of fundamental human rights
01/23/24 13:58
This actions by Moldova have nothing to do with democracy, European principles and lead to an escalation of tension, the PMR Foreign Ministry said
01/20/24 15:38
Pridnestrovie expects to discuss Moldova’s economic pressure with the current OSCE Chairmanship
01/19/24 19:36
They are dissatisfied with the situation which they found themselves in after the ill-considered introduction of customs duties against Pridnestrovians by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova
01/05/24 13:43
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie commented on the forced collection of customs duties by Chisinau on goods imported by Pridnestrovian companies
12/20/23 14:33
The parties discussed the results of interaction in the outgoing year
12/13/23 13:09
The state of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian dialogue became the main topic of the meeting between Vadim Krasnoselsky and the head of the PMR Foreign Ministry Vitaly Ignatiev
11/24/23 18:13
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry recalled that the work of the international negotiation platform was suspended back in 2019, when Moldova disrupted a meeting in Bratislava