07/04/23 18:05
Alexander Rosenberg recalled the common regional energy system and the consequences of rash actions
01/24/21 18:27
A German-made roll-turning machine was purchased as part of the plant modernization program
01/23/20 15:55
On January 27, the plant will resume production
07/10/19 11:35
The Pridnestrovian stand in the expo centre of Düsseldorf was visited by representatives of more than 20 countries
05/28/19 14:07
The sanctions were imposed the last summer and lifted in spring 2019 after the carried-out assets inspection
05/25/19 17:11
The lifting of sanctions allowed to start shipping products starting from May
04/12/19 13:53
The new equipment will ensure the safety and stability of technology, improve the quality of raw materials and reduce energy costs
03/20/19 20:12
Such decision was made by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
02/23/19 11:48
The enterprise received three new pieces of equipment
02/05/19 17:05
Among achievements, there is an increase in production, the start of a dispensary and the distribution of 45 apartments for steelworkers
01/30/19 20:40
Almost 21 million tons of steel have been produced since the first smelting at the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant
04/27/18 11:48
Nevertheless, the plant intends to fulfil its 2018 plan