The President visited the meat and dairy plant in Parkany

03/15/22 13:44

The President visited the meat and dairy plant in Parkany

One of the largest agricultural enterprises of the republic is Fialt-Agro LLC. This is an agro-industrial complex with its own trading network. The infrastructure of the holding, located in the village of Parkany, Slobodzeya district, meat and dairy plant was visited today by the PMR President. Vadim Krasnoselsky was accompanied by Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alexander Rozenberg and the Head of the Slobodzeya administration Vasily Tishchenko. The delegation was welcomed by the general director of Fialt-Agro LLC Sergey Pisarenko.

The President has repeatedly visited various locations of this enterprise, knows the history of its creation and development, and communicates with the team. The agro-company covers several areas that are important for ensuring the country's food security. The basis is the production and sale of meat and dairy products. 730 people are involved in the work.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the state of affairs at the enterprise, was interested in how much the circumstances in the neighboring state complicate the work. One of the main questions is whether Pridnestrovian agricultural producers are able to provide the population of the republic with food in the event of a prolonged absence of imports.

According to Sergei Pisarenko, there is an opportunity to increase production. If necessary, the company will work in shifts. Taking into account the production of cheeses, the production capacity of the dairy plant is 40 tons of products per day. They produce about 20 tons now. It was planned to increase production during the current year by 15%. If circumstances warrant, schedules will be adjusted. Milk yields are growing. The average daily figure for 2021 was 15 tons; almost 18 tons of milk are collected daily in the first months of this year. Livestock today includes 1981 pcs.

The president visited the cheese shop. They said that they are capable of producing up to 5 tons of products per day. The current norm is 200 kilograms.

More than 220 tons of sausages and semi-finished meat products are produced per month. Vacuum packaging is used. They work for the domestic market. Deliveries are to the Blagoda retail chain (these are 32 branded stores of the Fialt-Agro enterprise) are now stable. The only city where there is no outlet with a sign "Blagoda" is Kamenka. The administration of the enterprise promises that the store will be opened soon. There is no shortage of meat and dairy products in Pridnestrovie. The republic has been working for several years to ensure food self-sufficiency.


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