The President visited the "Fix" agricultural enterprise

03/22/22 10:43

The President visited the "Fix" agricultural enterprise

The country's leadership pays special attention to the agro-industrial complex. Agriculture is the most important sector of the Pridnestrovian economy. Its support and development are priority areas of domestic policy aimed at ensuring food security and self-sufficiency of the state. They said today in the course of the meeting of the President with Slobodzeya farmers that the circumstances of recent years are increasingly confirming the correctness of this approach. Vadim Krasnoselsky visited the "Fix" LLC enterprise in Ternovka. It has been operating since 2003. The main activity is vegetable growing. The Head of the enterprise Vitaly Grecu told the PMR President that cereals are grown mainly to ensure efficient crop rotation. According to him, more than 450 hectares of arable land are under cultivation. All is under irrigation. Half of the area is for vegetables. A vegetable store for 3000 tons of products was built with the assistance of the state in 2017. Refrigerating chambers are constructed separately for each type of product. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about technology. They have everything in need for sowing and planting, processing and harvesting. We recently took out a loan for equipment for reclamation of a potato field – an 800-meter watering machine. Vitaly Grecu emphasized that the price of irrigation water fixed at a low level of 70 kopecks is a serious help for vegetable growers.

Planting material was purchased. About 180 tons of fresh seeds are needed per year. They practice their own production, but the local climate is not ideal, that’s why the seeds are mostly purchased. The market for vegetable products is local. 80% are implemented under agreements concluded with ministries, departments, institutions. 20% of products go to the markets and shops of the republic.

The President asked what the current volume of products in the vegetable store of the enterprise is. Vitaly Grecu said that there are 146 tons of cabbage, 655 tons of potatoes, 283 tons of onions, 342 tons of carrots and a hundred tons of beets in the warehouses. As for the plans for the current year it is planned in addition to the traditional filling of the so-called borscht basket to diversify it. The vegetable set will include peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, Chinese cabbage and watermelons. 1500 tons of grain is in addition to this.

Vadim Krasnoselsky was interested in the quantity of workers. According to the Head of the agricultural company, the permanent staff of "Fix" LLC is about fifty employees. Another 20 people are attracted during the harvest period. It was noted at the same time that the acquisition of modern agricultural machinery makes it possible to reduce the number of employees. It is said that, subject to favorable weather conditions, this year they expect to harvest up to 10000 tons of vegetables. They plan to open their own store.


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