The President held a meeting on budget adjustments-2023

10/17/22 14:05

The President held a meeting on budget adjustments-2023

The adopted changes in tax legislation that will come into force on the 1st of January, 2023, involve an increase in budget revenues. It is necessary in this regard to make adjustments to the main financial law of next year. The Government initiated a discussion of this issue. The PMR President held a relevant meeting. Representatives of the Administration of the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, legislative and executive branches of power were invited to the discussion.

The Ministry of Finance has calculated the forecast indicators. It is noted that the calculations are preliminary. If everything is quite predictable with the abolition of the fixed agricultural tax for example (revenues from farmers to local budgets will increase by 25 million, in the Unified State Social Insurance Fund – by 45 million rubles), then it is rather problematic to predict the contribution of individual entrepreneurs after innovations – now they are guided by the amount of additional income in the amount of 28.8 million. The maximum overall increase in budget revenues will be 124.5 million rubles: local budget revenues will increase to a greater extent (plus 64 million), the Unified State Social Insurance Fund will be replenished by 56 million, the republican treasury by more than four million rubles. Changes in the expenditure part were also worked out based on these amounts. Several options were considered. The fundamental position is the direction of spending. It was decided that the money would be used to increase the salaries of health and education workers. Disputable questions so far are the categories of recipients and the percentage of increase. Calculations were made based on a 10%, 13% and 15% increase in wages. Discussing the variability of subjects they announced the amount of costs if through the Ministry of Education we are talking exclusively about employees of general and preschool education institutions and with maximum coverage taking into account secondary and higher vocational education as well as social institutions, cultural and sports organizations. Calculations have also been made of a possible increase in pension provision – by 3% or 5%. They also discussed additional spending on the implementation of the program of the Capital Investment Fund-2023: there is an urgent need to allocate more than 90 million rubles.

Depending on the chosen scenario, the amount of additional costs varies from 90 million to 355 million rubles. It is necessary to rely on the size of the source of financing – additional tax revenues, the President emphasized. Discussion of the issue continues in working order.


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