The President held a meeting on improving legislation in the construction sector

09/29/22 13:42

The President held a meeting on improving legislation in the construction sector

An expanded meeting was held at the presidential executive office. The working discussion was initiated and led by Vadim Krasnoselsky. The heads of the legislative and executive branches of power, ministries, departments and parliamentary committees, heads of state administrations, as well as representatives of leading organizations in the construction and road industries of Pridnestrovie were invited to the conversation. They talked about the importance of this sector of the economy. The President recalled that the availability of local materials, labor resources and a production base in the context of the implementation of state infrastructure programs make it possible not to stop the development of the Pridnestrovian economy even in the most difficult crisis conditions.

The participants of the meeting discussed the current legislation and expected legal innovations. One of the main issues is the implementation of the norms of the law on the budget-2022 introduced in the summer of this year by contract construction and road industry enterprises. Changes were made to the legislation on the basis of the results of verification activities carried out by the Accounts Chamber. The essence: in the event of savings under the item “Salary” during the implementation of projects under the Capital Investment Fund, the Road Fund and other repair and construction work commissioned by the state, these funds must be returned to the customer (they cannot remain at the disposal of the construction company in the form earnings and dividends). The group of deputies acted as the author of the law-in-draft in due time. The three-month period of validity of the adopted norm allows us to draw conclusions about its effectiveness. The benefits: the return to the budget of funds that are subsequently directed to the implementation of new construction programs among other things, providing employment for the local population, the receipt of tax payments, and improving public infrastructure. At the same time, the Government, state administrations and construction organizations consider the amendments made to be inconsistent with the stated goals. The economy in question, according to the majority, is conditional. The specificity of the industry implies seasonality of work, and wages to employees must be paid all year round. One of the factors limiting the outflow of qualified personnel, a tool for retaining specialists, is income stability. It was noted at the meeting that if this aspect is canceled, the sector of the economy, which is already experiencing a serious shortage of personnel, will be left without labor resources.

The President decided to cancel the controversial norm after a detailed discussion of all aspects, a reasoned exchange of views. Instructions were given to continue the discussion in a working order to develop an optimal mechanism - necessarily with the involvement of all interested parties in the discussion. Among the tasks set by the President is the improvement of the legal framework in terms of pricing in the construction industry.


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