The PMR President visited the Dubossary HPP

11/02/22 14:11

The PMR President visited the Dubossary HPP

The PMR President paid an inspection visit to the Dubossary HPP. It is an important element of the power supply system. The enterprise has been operating since 1955, at one time giving a start to the active development of the power industry of the region. The director informed the President about today's work of the station. According to Boris German, two units are involved at the moment – the second and fourth machines, the total load of which is 16 megawatts. One generator is under repair. This is the current prevention before the winter period. Winches are also being changed, the overpass has been reinforced.

The Dubossary HPP receives 120 cubic meters of water per second and discharges exactly the same amount now. The water in the storage is kept at the level exceeding the normal retaining level by 20 centimeters. This is done for quickly increase the power if necessary. Vadim Krasnoselsky was informed by the Head of the HPP that it will take no more than two hours to fully launch all the units of the station.

Answering the President's question about the possibilities of generating electricity, Boris German said that the average daily output at the current capacity is approximately 375000 kilowatt-hours per day. From 150 to 170 thousand kWh is needed for a full daily supply of electricity to the Dubossary district. That is, the current capacity of the station will fully cover the needs of the Dubossary district and partially the Grigoriopol and Rybnitsa districts if necessary. Vadim Krasnoselsky was interested in the mechanism of electricity supply and the availability of lines leading to neighboring areas. The system is looped and gives such an opportunity, the Head of the station answered. The interlocutors discussed other working aspects. Off-site meeting at the DnestrEnergo site was planned.


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