05/26/15 21:38
Such practice doesn't correspond to the level of relationship between two countries and it is out of tune with assurances of Moldova's officials concerning the endeavour to the constructive cooperation with the Russian Federation
05/21/15 12:46
Russian State Duma hopes to make compromise with Ukraine on military transit to Pridnesrovie
05/14/15 18:46
The amount of transferred funds has made approximately RUR 100 million
05/13/15 10:48
It was $488.2 million in January-March
05/07/15 15:47
According to the ranking of competitiveness of tourism sectors, the country is ranked 111 in the list of 141 states
05/05/15 15:27
Ungheni customs officers were arrested last night
05/05/15 12:02
Their appealing is published in the official Kazakhstan newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda"