10/27/16 10:33
Russia's MFA told about increased pressure on the Russians in several countries
08/06/16 21:59
Pridnestrovian citizens of Russia will be able to vote in all cities of the republic
07/05/16 11:22
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation made such comment on his arrival on the Facebook page
04/04/16 13:48
Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, commented on the results of his meeting with the minister of foreign affairs and European reintegration of Moldova, vice premier Andrei Galbur
01/13/16 21:09
It has been confirmed by the governor of the Odessa Oblast Mikheil Saakashvili during his inspection of the Kuchurgan border checkpoint this week
12/03/15 16:41
Along with Ukraine and Nagorno Karabakh
10/03/15 19:54
Меры направлены на "недопущение въезда на Украину экстремистски настроенных лиц" и ввоза оружия
09/21/15 18:00
At the same time, the import of textile, footwear and machine-building production increased
09/16/15 13:13
"Today the republic has different values, and such monuments must be displayed at museums," said the minister
09/10/15 11:01
On his Facebook page Ilya Azarov has commented on the incident which took place in Kishinev Airport