05/24/18 10:37
The Pridnestrovian president has commented on Moldova's intention to abolish laws regulating the status of the Russian language as a language of interethnic communication
01/22/18 19:56
According to Grigory Karasin, putting the issue of the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester like this is rude and shameless.
12/07/17 16:34
The annual OSCE Ministerial Council will be held from 7 to 8 December in Vienna
11/13/17 16:46
This was said by Andrian Candu in an interview with journalists
08/28/17 14:20
Ukrainian and Moldovan prime ministers are scheduled to meet in Odessa in September
08/02/17 17:23
The first deputy chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Dmitry Novikov qualified this decision as strange and ill-considered
07/29/17 20:05
The previous Hungary and Romania refused to let the plane with the Russian delegation onboard in their airspace
05/14/17 10:17
Singer from Portugal Salvador Sobral wins the contest, representative of Bulgaria Christian Kostov takes the second place
03/15/17 14:43
This is what head of the Pridnestrovian CEC Yelena Gorodetskaya said during a meeting with the Abkhazian president
03/13/17 12:35
The Pridnestrovian delegation has been received by Abkhazian President Raul Khadzhimba
02/28/17 12:44
Moldovan supporters of unification with Romania have called on the government to freeze negotiations on the Pridnestrovian settlement in the "5+2" format (Moldova, Pridnestrovie, the OSCE, Russia, Ukraine and the United States and the EU as observers)
01/17/17 17:08
The Russian leader praised the meeting of the presidents of Moldova and the PMR, which took place in early January