09/08/15 14:57
The chairman of the Federation Council international affairs committee noted that people of different political views - both pro-European and pro-Russian - are expressing disappointment over the present government
09/07/15 11:10
Russia's LifeNews journalists were banned from entering Moldova due to alleged lack of accreditation. The journalists were also deprived of a flash drive which contains "a part od some footage"
08/04/15 20:10
OSCE assessed two controversial Moldova's bills about the mass media concerning the prohibition on еру broadcast of Russian news, information and analytical programs
07/17/15 13:24
They began on July 12 and will continue till July 25
07/17/15 12:03
It is expected that the ADMS would be deployed in the Bolgrad District of the Odessa Oblast next to the Pridnestrovie-Ukraine border
07/14/15 12:23
It was discussed during the working meeting of the Autonomy Executive Committee held by the Bashkan of Gagauziya Irina Vlakh
07/09/15 15:06
The State Secretary, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin declared that Russia counts on more flexible and constructive position of Moldova on the issue concerning the situation in Pridnestrovie and Russian peacekeepers' staying there
07/09/15 15:04
The State Secretary - the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told that Russia would make all efforts to provide conditions for resumption of the Moldova-Pridnestrovie reconciliation negotiations in the "5+2" format
07/07/15 16:28
Moldova's exports to the CIS states have decreased by 40.8% compared to the same period of last year
06/30/15 11:42
Total export income amounted to 8.29 million USD
06/18/15 12:33
According to an investor, offering its sea ports for sale, "Ukraine is selling flats in a house on fire"
06/15/15 16:34
The main objective of the Russian-speaking mass media is to consolidate Russian compatriots for the sake of the Russian-speaking space preservation, the development of the Russian-speaking segment in information space, RIA Novosti reports
05/29/15 14:31
This is what the Gagauz bashkan, Irina Valakh, declared on Russia's Rossiya 1 TV channel
05/28/15 16:48
He has been refused entry to Moldova until 2019