09/13/22 15:41
What will happen to gas in the Republic of Moldova after October 1?
02/01/22 15:02
Meanwhile, RM cannot pay for gas
01/26/22 15:40
Russian political scientist commented on the Moldovan President`s scandalous statement
12/18/21 15:20
The proposal to expel the Russian ambassador to the Republic of Moldova was made by the representative of the republic`s Presidential Administration Ion Guzun
05/24/21 10:55
All citizens, who are wishing to travel to Ukraine should provide a PCR test as well as medical insurance
05/17/21 14:27
According to former Adviser to the US President John Bolton, NATO should move more actively towards the borders of Russia, including through Moldova and Ukraine
11/15/20 12:54
The crowd shouts “Suitcase, train station, Russia!” and “Come on, goodbye!”
10/14/20 14:50
According to the Head of Russian diplomacy, the reason for this is the position of the United States
09/03/20 13:49
This was announced by the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky during an interview with the Russia-24 TV channel
05/24/19 15:15
Elizabeth Kuznetsova will present Moldova at the «Miss World» competition
01/09/19 18:13
Pridnestrovian exporters can also get under countersanctions
07/13/18 19:37
"Moldova does not abandon attempts to strengthen its pressure on Pridnestrovie. Among them are political prosecution of politicians and businessmen, strengthening of Moldo-Ukrainian customs controls, barriers to the importation of combustive-lubricating materials and medicines," noted the diplomat
07/05/18 17:15
Deputies consider that the country "has never been in such a bad situation in recent years"