In Moldova, they say that gas should cost even more than now

12/14/22 11:53

In Moldova, they say that gas should cost even more than now

This is a question of a tariff of 35 lei per cubic meter

Tiraspol, December 14. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. In Moldova, they say that the gas tariff should be even higher than it is now. As Vadim Cheban, the Head of Moldovagaz, noted on air, the price of blue fuel should be 35 lei per cubic meter, Sputnik Moldova agency writes.

Cheban, in particular, noted that no reduced tariff is foreseen shortly, although earlier it was said that this was possible.

“I see no prerequisites for reducing the tariff from January 1, unfortunately. Tariff deviations, which we have to compensate for the current tariff, are about 5 lei. With prices on the stock market, they now amount to 1400-1700 dollars [per thousand cubic meters of gas - approx. ed.], this already means a tariff of 28-30 lei. Plus, financial deviations are a tariff of 33-35 lei,” the Head of the Moldovan company explained.

He added that such a high tariff does not please Moldovagaz itself, since consumers in the Republic of Moldova have begun to switch to other types of fuel or save significantly. Because of this, as Vadim Cheban specified, gas consumption decreased by 30%.

Recall that now consumers in Moldova pay more than 29 lei for one cubic meter of gas, which is about 23.5 PMR rubles. For comparison, residents of Pridnestrovie pay less than 1 PMR ruble, or about 1 Moldovan lei, for the same volume


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