Игнатьев Виталий

06/17/20 17:55
The meeting participants discussed the problems associated with the non-performance of recent years agreements by Moldova
02/20/20 18:21
Vitaly Ignatiev stated that the financial sanctions of the Republic of Moldova regarding PMR contradicted free trade parameters and hit Pridnestrovie’s trade relations not only with Moldova, but also with the European Union
02/20/20 18:16
PMR Foreign Minister stressed that Pridnestrovie and Russia were ready to take the necessary measures to protect peacekeepers
09/18/19 18:12
The main subjects of the meeting became a problem of closing of Pridnestrovian enterprises accounts in the Moldavian banks and the conflict around a pit in the Dubossary district
07/29/19 16:02
The PMR Minister of Foreign Affairs noted the uniqueness of the peacekeeping mission that is being implemented in Pridnestrovie under the auspices of Russia
01/21/19 15:15
The parties exchanged views on the current state of the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova with emphasis on the prospects of development of the dialogue in 2019
07/31/18 20:11
The Moldovan farmers who have received temporary certificates will be able to start farming in Dubossary District since 1 August
06/26/18 16:46
The Pridnestrovian foreign minister revealed what could raise the level of positive achievements generated at the negotiating table
04/17/18 13:29
This was stated by Pridnestrovian foreign minister Vitaly Ignatyev in an interview with Eastbook.eu
12/26/17 12:04
Commenting on the results of cooperation with Russia in the past year, the Pridnestrovian foreign minister stressed that the Russian vector was one of the most important priorities of the country's foreign policy
12/12/17 20:02
How does Pridnestrovie complete the negotiating season in 2017?
11/21/17 14:42
Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister reminded of establishment in the last decades more than three tens new states
10/17/17 14:57
Pridnestrovie's foreign minister and Russia's ambassador at large discussed the negotiating process with Moldova