Игнатьев Виталий

01/10/24 13:35
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry commented on the forced collection of customs duties from Pridnestrovian enterprises
11/24/23 18:13
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry recalled that the work of the international negotiation platform was suspended back in 2019, when Moldova disrupted a meeting in Bratislava
11/24/23 17:03
Vitaly Ignatiev commented on the policy of the Moldovan authorities
02/17/23 19:09
​​​​​​​According to the head of the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is “some kind of political maneuvering game” from Chisinau
02/17/23 18:57
Chisinau cannot explain why the goods are not allowed through after all the analyses are conducted
01/29/23 13:54
The SIS of Moldova threatens the Pridnestrovian authorities with this law
01/29/23 13:39
The PMR Foreign Minister believes that it is possible to start with informal meetings
01/29/23 13:27
The meeting will take place on the territory of Pridnestrovie
02/14/22 16:08
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR commented on the situation in the Security Zone
10/19/21 10:46
According to the PMR Foreign Ministry head, the RM’s representatives instead of the transport crisis, are willing to discuss the gas one
07/28/21 18:33
Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized that Chisinau nothing but imitates negotiations and does nothing to bring closer a fair settlement of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict
12/10/20 14:55
Vitaly Ignatiev noted that the path chosen by Pridnestrovie towards international recognition of independence and rapprochement with Russia was an appropriate choice
12/08/20 13:44
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry reminded the conclusions of the 1993 independent International tribunal in Moscow
06/17/20 17:55
The meeting participants discussed the problems associated with the non-performance of recent years agreements by Moldova