Игнатьев Виталий

09/20/17 18:27
Foreign minister: "Moldova should adhere to the principles and procedures for the conduct of negotiations which clearly regulate the conduct of meetings in the international "5+2" format"
09/20/17 18:00
According to the foreign minister, it is much easier for Moldova to exert comprehensive pressure on Pridnestrovie and reinforce the country's blockade rather than agree to remove specific social and humanitarian problems
06/05/17 19:33
Vitaly Ignatyev spoke about the Moldovan authorities' attempts to dismantle the existing peacekeeping mechanism
06/05/17 15:37
The foreign minister spoke about the relationship between the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Moldova, Kishinev's plans to transform the peacekeeping operation, the establishment of Moldo-Ukrainian control over the Pridnestrovian border and the blocking of international negotiations
05/16/17 17:23
According to Vitaly Ignatyev, it is now vital that Pridnestrovie should develop new mechanisms for interaction with Russia as its strategic partner to reverse the negative impact of external factors
03/01/17 15:39
Об этом заявил министр иностранных дел ПМР на встрече с президентом Вадимом Красносельским
02/18/17 18:20
According to the Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister, official Chisinau isn't ready for compromises
07/15/16 17:25
The foreign minister, Vitaliy Ignatyev said that Moldova was expected to respond to Pridnestrovie's proposals about reaching an agreement in the sphere of diploma legalisation
06/07/16 18:58
The acting foreign minister, Vitaly Ignatyev, has commented to Novosti Pridnestrovya on the work of "The permanent conference on political issues, also known as the 5+2 format, which has resumed after a long pause
03/21/16 18:59
According to the acting foreign minister of the PMR, Vitaly Ignatyev, Moldova is continuing its tactics of deviating from a dialogue with Pridnestrovie, despite statements about the need to intensify the negotiations
03/21/16 18:25
According to the Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatyev, at the moment Pridnestrovie is forced to exist in conditions of constantly mounting comprehensive pressure brought on by the neighboring states
03/14/16 18:12
Diplomats discussed the current situation in the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova.