The problem of food and medicines importing was discussed by political representatives

10/28/22 20:44

The problem of food and medicines importing was discussed by political representatives

Tiraspol, October 28 / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Moldova permitted a passage of the previously detained cargo with cereals in Pridnestrovie. This was reported to the mass media by the PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev, citing information from the Moldovan side representatives.

“What concerns foodstuffs, today there was a representative of Moldova’s relevant agency. We were given explanations why there were failures and why the Russian laboratory analysis results, certified in Germany, were not accepted. It was said that the Moldovan side is now satisfied with everything and that it was possible to deliver this cargo in Pridnestrovie yesterday,” the diplomat noted during a conversation with reporters following a meeting of political representatives together with Moldovan and Pridnestrovian profile experts.


According to Vitaly Ignatiev, negotiations on the medicines supplying to Pridnestrovie will continue. Such information was confirmed by Moldova’s political representative Oleg Serebrian.

“Concerning medicines, it was also noted that there will be another meeting of the working group in November. There’s a certain inconsistency between the Tiraspol and Chisinau positions on this matter. However, we hope that a common language will be found by us,” the RM representative reported.

As Vitaly Ignatiev explained, Chisinau is still not ready to implement the mechanism for the medicines supplied to Pridnestrovie previously developed by the parties’ experts.

“Undoubtedly, we insist on the problem resolution on the mechanism’s basis that had been developed by the expert working groups. One of this group members today attended a meeting from the Moldovan side, who, relatively speaking, worked out this mechanism yesterday but, today, he confirms that such a mechanism is not indispensable. However, of course, this’s all that is called “delivering from evil,” the PMR Foreign Ministry head reported.


Moreover, according to Vitaly Ignatiev, banking issues are still open. There’re proposals on their resolution model in the negotiation process, but it required further elaboration, the diplomat explained.

“All we need is a normal, constructive will of the Moldovan side. Generally, Chisinau’s political will is the main question for every problem that we have in the negotiation process. If they are ready to solve rather than create problems, then, undoubtedly, living conditions in Pridnestrovie will become more stable,” Vitaly Ignatiev concluded.


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