02/16/24 15:41
At a meeting of economic expert groups, representatives of Chisinau were unable to answer questions from Tiraspol
06/26/23 14:00
The tasks are simple - unblocking the import of medical equipment and resuming the full-fledged work of points for issuing neutral license plates
06/06/23 14:00
02/10/23 18:13
The PMR Minister of Foreign Affairs also appealed to the OSCE to pay special attention to the destructive actions of Chisinau
07/25/22 19:57
The President of the PMR and the US Ambassador discussed the geopolitical situation and issues of ensuring the security of the republic
07/04/22 12:28
The PMR Foreign Minister announced the negotiation process’s degradation
06/27/22 15:30
Without negotiation in the 5 + 2 format, it is necessary to pursue the process using other mechanisms - Vadim Krasnoselsky
04/06/22 19:14
However, there’s still a far from an agreement in principle on the medicines transit