06/27/22 15:30
Without negotiation in the 5 + 2 format, it is necessary to pursue the process using other mechanisms - Vadim Krasnoselsky
04/06/22 19:14
However, there’s still a far from an agreement in principle on the medicines transit
03/28/22 15:34
The Foreign Ministry is waiting for the fulfillment of the obligations voiced by Moldova
02/03/22 17:07
The PMR Foreign Minister and the OSCE Special Representative discussed relevant issues of the negotiation process
01/12/22 16:38
The PMR Foreign Minister explained why the dialogue is avoided by Moldovan authorities
12/03/21 21:17
Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry criticized the OSCE Ministerial Council Declaration
12/02/21 16:33
Vitaly Ignatiev descibed the current situation in relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova as anxious and dangerous
11/30/21 13:27
The public in the republic is concerned about the statements of the former presidential adviser to the US President
11/05/21 16:13
The draft protocol decision was submitted to Chisinau on Wednesday
11/02/21 13:44
The problems of neutral license plates, as well as the import of raw materials, medicines and plant protection products were discussed
10/28/21 15:38
Chisinau is interested in the blockade of Pridnestrovie, deliberately hammers the situation, and provokes the conflict