12/05/19 18:32
At a meeting with professors of the University of Tartu, the Foreign Minister noted that for 30 years Pridnestrovie has been a real state
12/02/19 17:34
Discussions on this issue took place for the first time in the last 9 months
11/22/19 21:16
According to Vadim Krasnoselskiy, it is necessary to create a mechanism for the implementation of earlier agreements within the framework of the negotiation process between the PMR and the RM
11/18/19 16:26
The head of the PMR’s MFA hopes that this meeting will be held by the end of the year
11/06/19 18:13
Vadim Krasnoselskiy told Parlamentskaya Gazeta about the main priorities in negotiations with Moldova
11/06/19 13:39
Head of the Ministry of Economic Development Sergei Obolonik told about the banking problem, the issue of telecommunications and trade restrictions following the results of the Bavaria Conference
11/06/19 12:51
The head of MFA commented on results Bavaria conference
10/31/19 13:46
This issue will be discussed in the framework of 5+2 format
10/23/19 11:36
PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted the presentation with information on current situation in negotiation process
09/19/19 15:13
Pridnestrovian delegation proposed to consider the list of problematic issues faced by Pridnestrovie
09/18/19 18:12
The main subjects of the meeting became a problem of closing of Pridnestrovian enterprises accounts in the Moldavian banks and the conflict around a pit in the Dubossary district
09/13/19 20:02
PMR officials will be able to freely move around the territory of a neighboring state. At this moment only as a part of a pilot project