09/11/19 19:04
PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev spoke about the results of the meeting with Moldovan Political Representative Vasily Shova
09/06/19 20:13
Vitaly Ignatiev said that international partners were closely monitoring the situation with the closure of Pridnestrovian enterprises` accounts
09/06/19 20:09
PMR foreign minister linked Moldovan banks closing Pridnestrovian enterprises' accounts with Moldova's reluctance to fulfill commitments
08/29/19 11:21
Vadim Krasnoselski said that Pridnestrovie could declare its position and solve problems in the interests of citizens at the international negotiating platform
07/12/19 19:34
The Foreign Minister of the PMR emphasized that the Pridnestrovian side was ready to dialogue with Moldova at all levels
05/11/19 18:18
When exactly – this will be decided in Vienna
05/11/19 18:07
Next week the OSCE Mission will send the letter to the Attorney General of Moldova
05/11/19 17:46
Among them, there are problems of telecommunications, the termination of politically motivated criminal cases, banking interaction and the freedom of mail delivery to Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic
05/11/19 17:30
OSCE supports activization of dialogue between Pridnestrovie and Moldova
05/11/19 17:21
The President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselski is convinced of that
04/16/19 15:43
A lot of relevant issues remain in the socio-economic and humanitarian area in the relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova
03/23/19 08:54
“The main task of the negotiations is to make life easier for the people,” the PMR President reminded
03/18/19 17:38
Derek Hogan paid an exploratory visit in the republic