06/15/23 11:02
Support for refugees and work on the Human Rights Framework in Pridnestrovie were also discussed
12/09/22 14:20
The parties noted the joint contribution to the development of a framework for human rights in Pridnestrovie
11/28/22 11:03
The importance of collaborating with international organizations was noted by the head of state
10/06/22 15:07
The PMR MFA commented on the inappropriate reaction of the Moldovan representative to Manakov's speech at the UN
07/27/22 12:49
The influence of the regional situation on the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and Moldova was discussed
03/01/22 20:04
They came to know how Ukrainian citizens have lived there
03/01/22 18:31
UN representatives met with the Operational Headquarters leadership, visited Solnechny health center and Pervomaisk-Kuchurgan checkpoint
02/13/20 15:10
The MFA of the PMR discussed social humanitarian issues with delegation of the United Nations
11/27/19 10:51
In particular, they spoke about the upbringing of children with disabilities in families
11/26/19 14:19
Prospects for implementation of United Nations human rights program in Pridnestrovie were discussed during the meeting
09/25/19 17:07
The projects to be implemented as part of the program were discussed at the PMR Foreign Affairs Ministry with UN agencies delegations and the Sweden Embassy
09/23/19 17:47
Head of the Official Representation of the PMR in Russia addressed the 42nd session of the UN Human Rights Council
07/11/19 13:27
According to the head of the PMR Official Representation in the Russian Federation, it is unacceptable to gloss this situation over