05/29/19 17:47
The City Council suggests using corresponding to historical realities term «Pridnestrovie» supported by the pridnestrovian people
05/17/19 17:07
According to the Deputy Minister of PMR Foreign Affairs, strengthening and expanding cooperation with the UN is an important area of Pridnestrovian foreign policy
03/29/19 21:45
According to the Head of the state, Pridnestrovie had an opportunity to convey the right information on the republic
03/29/19 21:28
The Head of the state told about the dialogue on the UN platform
02/04/19 17:03
It is the seventh visit of the expert to Tiraspol that confirms close attention of the UN to a situation in our republic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev noted
06/28/18 21:27
The Russian military contingent is the guarantor of peace and stability in the country, the ministry stressed
06/05/18 18:00
Thomas Hammarberg has made an official statement on the results of his visit to the country
06/01/18 15:54
The Pridnestrovian side has used him as a mediator to appeal the UN Secretary-General to appoint a special representative or a monitoring group on the Moldo-Pridnestrovian settlement
05/29/18 18:54
After Thomas Hammarberg's last visit, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has implemented a package of measures to improve the conditions of detention
10/26/17 17:44
The event was organised by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the PMR and the United Nations Office for Human Rights
09/20/17 11:52
The Supreme Council had approved a text of Pridnestrovie's appeal to the UN
09/13/17 12:53
According to the expert, the UN is quite an accessible organisation for the PMR to appeal
08/24/17 18:27
"Russia is a guarantor in the '5+2' negotiating process and, in fact, could represent the interests of Pridnestrovie in the UN," the president told Russia's Parliamentary Gazette
08/24/17 12:35
Vasily Nebenzya has called Moldova's decision "rather unfriendly and quite unexpected"
08/24/17 12:22
In an interview with Russia's Izvestia, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the UN listens to only "recognised conflicting parties, ignoring those unrecognised"